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The LARRGE Project

Innovative LARRGE online Guide on CSR tools

The brand new Labour-Rights-Responsibilities-Guide (LARRGE) is a practical online manual that is designed to help companies to navigate through the jungle of corporate social responsibility (CSR) tools.


Access the LARRGE Guide here

How to use the LARRGE Guide here


The LARRGE Guide includes human and labour rights-based CSR tools and helps companies and practitioners to identify those resources that best fit their needs. It provides an overview of 60 excellent CSR tools currently used on the European and global level. LARRGE users benefit from feedback on the tools provided by companies and other practitioners. Likewise, they can contribute their own expertise and promote dialogue through a commenting feature. LARRGE offers recommendations for entrepreneurs, tool developers as well as for future EU policy directions.


LARRGE is freely accessible on this webpage and will be subject to regular updates. It is also available in PDF version for download.




CSR, Decent Work and Human Rights

This was the LARRGE Working Conference, 1-2 September 2009, Vienna

Along the lines of the conference motto more than 60 high level CSR experts and companies from the national and international level gathered in an exceptional two-day meeting at Vienna’s Palais Strudlhof.

The LARRGE Working Conference represented the key stakeholder event of the project and was at the same time the first large scale international expert meeting among CSR tool developers taking place in Europe.



View our Conference Report and the Main Outcomes, or have a look at some impressions from the LARRGE Working Conference in our Picture Gallery and Video Archive.



Vielfalt und Chancengleichheit im Betrieb

LARRGE Cooperation Project on Diversity (in German only)

Im Rahmen eines neuen Projektes möchte ein Konsortium aus ZARA - Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit, Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Menschenrechte, dem Klagsverband zur Durchsetzung der Rechte von Diskriminierungsopfern, respACT - austrian business council for sustainable development und der GPA-djp - Gewerkschaft der Privatangestellten - Druck - Journalismus - Papier die Themen Vielfalt und Chancengleichheit in österreichischen Betrieben verankern. Gebündelte Expertise zum Thema aus unterschiedlichen Blickwinkeln wird interessierten UnternehmerInnen zur Verfügung gestellt, um diesen Prozess zu erleichtern.



LARRGE Working Conference

Panel Discussion, 01.09.2009